Beverly Hills Facility

Meet Our Administrator – Tracy Whitley

Tracy started in the Medical Field as a teenager, first achieving her Certified Nursing Assistant. She has had a full career in the Medical Field including working Orthopedics, Surgery Center for optometrist, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Central Supply Manager, Central Supply Consultant, OBGYN, CCU, NICU, Med Surge and Trauma. Later Tracy went on to get her Phlebotomy License and then started working in the lab at a hospital.

Tracy has worked for Ashley Manor in the past and since has come back home to be with her additional family and team. People in her community refer to her as the Elderly Whisperer, she just laughs and states: “I myself have an old soul.” She brings compassion and is an amazing advocate for her residents and families. When asked what she loves about her job? She replies, “Growing older with my extended family, you see assisted living is not the end of life, just the next chapter!”

Please call our Senior Care Advisor today at 541-720-0351 for more information.