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Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid with Dentures

When you first replace your teeth with dentures, there are several new changes to your routine that you need to be prepared for. If your favorite food to snack once was once sticky candy, it’s probably not going to come as any surprise that you need to find something else to sink your teeth into. While this adjustment period might be overwhelming for you and those closest to you, having a good list of safe foods and obvious foods to avoid will help steer you in the right direction.   At Ashley Manor Assisted Living, we have several professionals on
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How to Make the Present as Meaningful as the Past

Your memories define who you are. The places you have visited, people you’ve interacted with, the food you’ve eaten, positive experiences, and even the negative moments have all worked in unison to synthesize the person you are today.   When an individual realizes that they’re losing their memory, they feel as if they are losing a part of themselves. It is little wonder that for individuals who are reaching the third phase of life even common memory lapses can be terrifying. Losing their keys, forgetting someone’s name, and misplacing a wallet can make seniors wonder if they are developing the
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