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Memory Loss & Financial Planning

Parents who have dementia have trouble keeping up with their businesses and finances. Therefore, their adult children are tasked to assist their parents with managing, organizing and growing their assets. Financial matters are sensitive. Therefore children have to show respect to the financial privacy of their parents. The children should come up with strategies to protect their parent’s assets and engage their parents in conversations to discuss how their parents would want to be helped with their financial matters at the moment and in the future. The children should not start to question their parents on certain financial expenditures instead
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Smoking & Dementia

Smoking and Dementia: What You Should Know Recent studies have shown that there may be an increased risk of dementia among individuals who smoke. Although not all who smoke get dementia, studies have shown that quitting can significantly reduce the risk of developing this disease. Dementia causes damage to the brain from certain conditions. At this time, there isn’t a cure for dementia. It is a progressive disease, and individuals with dementia will eventually need residential care. There are many forms of dementia with some that are much more common than others. The most commonly seen types of dementia include:
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Smartphones in Smart Hands: Help Your Parents Get The Most Out of Their Tech

Keeping Your Parents Plugged In With technology advancing with each passing year, it can be easy for those who weren’t introduced to phones at a young age to miss out. However, as smartphones, in particular, have become a staple in almost everyone’s daily life, older parents have been forced to use this new piece of technology or else suffer from an ability to communicative effectively with their loved ones. As any loving child would, you likely want to give your parents a bit of help to keep them hip. The best thing that you can do is to teach them
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