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What is Horticulture Therapy?

Horticulture therapy (i.e., social and therapeutic horticulture) is the act of gardening and other landscape and plant based activities that are made easier through the instruction of a trained therapist. The horticulture therapist, who is typically certified by the American Horticultural Therapy Association, facilitates activities with individuals in order to reach specified goals for their treatment. This type of treatment is unique in that it brings individuals to a place to enjoy the visual beauty of plants. The aesthetics of nature and plants are linked to eliciting feelings of peace, which then allows for increased feelings of positive emotions, including
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4 Vital Vegetables for Longevity

People need to make a point to consume well-rounded diets for life. Nutritious diets can be particularly beneficial for people as they get older and older. Elderly individuals are often susceptible to all kinds of medical concerns. Strong diets can in some cases help them keep health issues at bay. It’s critical to note that there are several vegetables that can be especially advantageous to senior citizens and their wellness approaches. 1. Broccoli It can be immensely stressful for older people to realize that their memories are no longer as sharp as they were in the past. Thankfully, broccoli consumption
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