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Heat Stress: Symptoms, How to Avoid and What to do if it’s Too Late

People of elderly ages, or 65 years and older, find themselves more prone to the ill effects of heat stress than people of younger years. This is true for a few significant reasons. First, the elderly are not as capable of adjusting to abrupt changes in the temperature as are younger people. Second, seniors are statistically more likely to be diagnosed with chronic medical conditions that alter the body’s normal reactions to heat. These include heart diseases, kidney diseases, and blood circulation conditions, among others. Finally, they have a higher likelihood of being prescribed medications that inhibit perspiration or impair
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Talking to Mom About Dementia and Driving

Elderly parents can start having trouble with certain things such as memory and coordination. It may initially seem just like a part of aging that’s concerning, but ultimately manageable. However, these symptoms can lead to a diagnosis of dementia and some very serious discussions, including what do to about their ability to drive. If your mother has dementia and still has a driver’s license this is what you need to know. The Appearance of Dementia This isn’t something that just pops out of nowhere and robs someone of their cognition. What can make it so hard is the gradual decline,
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