5 Easy to Swallow Shakes that are Packed with Nutrients

When some of the simple things in life such as swallowing are no longer simple, there are alternative solutions than can be of help. Taking nutrition is vital to every person, without regard to physical challenges that may be a part of your life temporarily or for the long term. The good news is that finding alternative things that are easy to swallow and provide good nutrition is easier today than it has ever been. One category of such things are meal replacement or meal substitute shakes and drinks.

There are a variety of brands, and even more variety of flavors, so mealtime does not have to be boring or repetitious. And there are even differing specialties, such as high protein, low fat, low sugar and other dietary specials. Here is a sample of five of the more commonly available easy to swallow shake drinks.

1. Abbott Ensure / Enlive is a brand that has several lines, including Original, Plus, Active and Clear. The Clear may have an advantage in being easier to swallow as a fruit drink rather than a shake.

2. Nestle Boost brand has varieties such as Glucose Control, High Protein, and Calorie Balanced.

3. Kellog’s Special K has fewer varieties, but more flavor options in their protein shake line.

4. Carnation Breakfast Essentials is primarily marketed as a breakfast meal and can be useful in mixing up the routine.

5. Store brand Nutritional Shakes such as Walgreen and CVS. These often have the same or similar flavors and features as the name brand options but at a lower cost.

Something to consider for both controlling expenses and for mixing up the variety from time to time.

Fundamentally, use of shake drinks should be supplemental to other sources of dietary intake. But when swallowing becomes difficult, and the use of shakes will be a long-term element of one’s diet, it is strongly recommended to follow two important steps. Mix up the brands and flavors for variety, which will make it more enjoyable, and work closely with nutritional specialist and your medical professional to be certain proper nutrition is being achieved.

While we would all prefer to be able to eat hearty and healthy foods, when those times come that an easy to swallow option is needed, it is nice to know there are many options available to help keep mealtime enjoyable and at least somewhat interesting.

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