5 Fun Activities for Those with Memory Loss

Enjoyment is a vital human need. Whether you’re experiencing memory loss or you are a family member or friend helping another through this process, you still can have fun together. Doing some activities with your loved one can be healing, provide valuable structure, and allow for time to socialize. There are endless activities that individuals experiencing memory loss can enjoy. Here are five fun activities worth considering.

Modeling Clay

Those with memory loss can benefit in many ways from simple craft activities. One idea to try with your loved one is modeling clay. There are several reasons why this is a great option. Modeling clay can help to strengthen the hands, there is no wrong way to use it, and it serves as a wonderful creative outlet. Your loved one can let their creation dry and put it on display or give it away as a gift. Just about any retail store with a craft section sells this product in a variety of colors. Simply pick up a pack for a few dollars, visit your loved one and enjoy your time together.

Pet Visit

Is your loved one with memory loss an animal lover? Why not bring an animal over for them to see, possibly touch and enjoy? Virtually any animal will work such as fish, birds, cats, dogs and more. If you have a friendly dog, they’ll likely enjoy running their fingers through its fur or holding it. Health depending, you can take a walk with your loved one and a pet. Another option, if your loved one is mobile, is to take them to a petting zoo.

Picture Perfect

You likely have some special memories with your loved one. Even if the memory loss is quite progressed, it’s a meaningful and fun time to look through family pictures together. Tell funny stories from the past about your family and friends. Bring a picture album, chrome book or laptop computer. You can pull up plenty of calming and fun landscape pictures online to enjoy together, too.

Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream makers are quite affordable and easy to bring anywhere. You and your loved one can work together to prep your ice cream maker and spend some quality time together while you wait for your treat. Invite some friends to join you afterward. It would be difficult to find a more delicious snack to share together than fresh, homemade ice cream.

You Pick

Have fun in any way you want. Take your love one to feed the ducks or bake some cookies together. Listen to music, bring some children or a baby along for a visit, or watch your favorite movie. Plant some flowers, make a birdhouse or read a short story together. The key is just to enjoy your time together.

In summary, your loved one can still have a lot of fun and you will feel great being a part of something so worthwhile. The one that you care about is here with you for a reason. Why not celebrate the time you get to spend together? It’s time to unwind, smile, laugh and have a great time!

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