5 Tips When Decorating Assisted Living Space


When the time comes to seek Senior Care for a loved one, you want the transition to be as smooth as possible. One way to accomplish a smooth transition and evoke a feeling of safety and security is to decorate the Assisted living space to feel like home as much as possible. Here are 5 tips for decorating that take both comfort and safety into consideration.


#1. Ask the Assisted living facility for a list of guidelines and rules for decorating.

It is important to know what is provided by the facility and what is allowed to be brought in from home, as well as the size of your space. Some facilities may be more like small homes and some may only be a single room. Most have restrictions on furniture size and weight. Facilities like Ashley Manor have small homes that encourage home-like environments.

#2. Furniture from home is an appealing sight when your loved one moves to a Senior Care facility.

Knowing their undergarments are in the same drawer of the dresser from home they’ve used for years will greatly improve a senior’s outlook on the move. Additional items that bring comfort are a favorite rocking chair, a small curio cabinet with favorite trinkets, or a favorite bedside lamp. If your facility does not provide closets, you may want a small wardrobe for hanging clothing.

#3. Familiar bed linens bring comfort in an unfamiliar space.

Bringing in a beloved quilt, a soft pillow, and throw blankets make the new space homey and warm. Weighted blankets can help in providing comfort for seniors with dementia. Be sure to label all bedding with an indelible marker so nothing will get mixed up in the laundry.

#4. Invest in heavy-duty Command Hooks for hanging pictures and artwork.

Senior Care facilities do not usually have any décor within resident rooms/apartments. Hanging family photos and favorite works of art help a loved one feel at home in their new space. Because you may not be able to make any nail holes in the walls, using repositionable hooks will help hang everything without breaking any rules. Here is some advice for using these hooks from Apartment Therapy.

#5. Little things have a big impact.

As your loved one settles into their new home, they’ll need to have the comforts of home for a positive experience, especially when suffering from memory loss or dementia, as Ashley Manor knows. Be sure to bring their favorite hairbrush, cosmetics, shaving cream, slippers, and coffee mugs. Having a basket of their favorite magazines next to their chair or a stack of crossword puzzle books help prevent boredom and depression. Be sure a knitter has her supplies available, and a baseball lover has a radio for listening to games.


Carefully planning your loved one’s décor for their move into their new home can help make the transition smooth and comfortable, and even enjoyable, for everyone involved. You’ll be glad you added personal touches!

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