7 Delicious Foods That Totally Fight Alzheimer’s

The medical field has had tremendous growth over the last decade with different breakthroughs in different diseases. Although there has been great growth in treatment procedures for many ailments, one of the diseases that is yet to have a breakthrough is Alzheimer’s disease. This is a degenerative disease that more than 5 million people worldwide are affected by. Scientists in the recent times have come up with drugs that can counter mild memory loss, but that is not enough; more strategies need to be in place to treat Alzheimer’s because it is a deadly disease that is causing a lot of damage.

The early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include impaired awareness of the daily events and forgetfulness. Alzheimer’s is a common disease that affects approximately 3% of the American citizens who are aged between 70 and 79 years. There are some effective minerals and vitamins that can be effective in preventing the development of Alzheimer’s.


Currently, the best countermeasure we have are preventative ways which we can use to avoid the disease; and the best sources of prevention is the daily foods we eat. But what food sources are these? We are going to look at seven food sources that can ward off this crippling disease. These foods are common and accessible to most of us.


These minerals and vitamins we get from foods make sure that the brain and the heart are healthy, which allows a naturally mature immune system that can help to prevent Alzheimer’s. Let’s dive into the food sources we should be taking.



One of the strongest foods that can ward off Alzheimer’s is fish. Fish has Omega 3 which is 3 times the quantity found in eggs, and you have a better chance of fighting this ailment years down the road. Since patients of Alzheimer’s have lower levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in their blood, compared to those who have normal brain function, DHA is a fatty acid in omega 3 that reduces heart disease, ADD and depression; it was also discovered to fight off Alzheimer’s. The best types of fish to eat are tuna and salmon because they are highly rich in Omega 3.



Turmeric is by far the best delight in preventing Alzheimer’s. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a yellow matter that is in curry powder, and it gives flavor to the curry powder. It has been stated by epidemiologists that people who consume a larger quantities of tumeric have extremely low chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease when they grow old. India is one example where turmeric is a cooking ingredient and a medicinal herb. India has less than a quarter of Alzheimer’s cases compared to the U.S, although India has triple the U.S population, and the country has poor living conditions.



Blueberries are one of the best preventative foods of Alzheimer’s. Apart from being extremely tasty. Blueberries have high vitamin C concentration compared to other vitamin-rich fruits like guava, kiwi fruit, and oranges. Vitamin C helps to keep the brain healthy countering the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants that help to fight aging signs like the development of wrinkles.



Vegetables and orange colored fruits

Orange colored vegetables and fruits like carrots, pumpkins, and oranges contain more antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E compared to other vegetables and fruits. Scientists believe that having a healthy heart that pumps blood helps the brain to stay healthy to avoid Alzheimer’s. You can reduce the chances of having a heart disease because of vitamin A and vitamin C which helps to fight the accumulation of cholesterol which eases the process of blood flow to the head.


Whole grains and white germ bread

These breads can be eaten in many forms. It can be toasted, eaten when it’s plain or with fillings in between the sides. These breads are rich in Choline and Lecithin, and they also provide carbs, vitamins B, and E, several other antioxidants and minerals to help prevent Alzheimer’s.


Soy Beans and soy products

Soy products are great sources of choline, just like whole grains and white germ breads. Additionally, they are also rich in carbs, protein, fiber, and calcium. Soy is a great source of folic acid which is also known as folate acid. Soy is known to lower homocysteine levels in the blood. Soy products break down the dangerous amyloid protein that develops to become fibrous deposits in the brain; which is common in Alzheimer’s patients.



The last food source in our list is one of the best foods to prevent the formation of Alzheimer’s disease. Every breakfast needs an egg on the side because it is a good source of choline which is a major substance in lecithin, which is the yellow substance that is found in the yolk of the egg. These components help to repair damaged tissue in the brain, and they are also great sources of vitamin B12, iron and other groups of vitamin B that include B2. Additionally, one of the best source of protein is eggs, and to crown it all, it is easily digested by the body so that the minerals can get to the body parts.




It is important for the senior members of our families to stay in good health, and this is why healthy food sources taken through all seasons will help them reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s as they grown old

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