Memory Care Techniques: Validation and Redirection

Dealing with a person who has been diagnosed with memory care-related dementia such as Alzheimer’s can be difficult and frustrating.

The main thing to keep in mind is that whatever the person is feeling and thinking is 100% REAL to them and no amount of arguing will convince them otherwise. For this reason, dementia experts have developed a series of memory care techniques to use in these situations.

On of our favorites (and most effective!) is what we call “Validate and Redirect.” Here, one of our administrators (Mountain Home), Bridgett Rudisill, describes how this technique works.

According to Bridgett, validation and redirection works like this:

  1. Validate the feelings and thoughts your loved one is having. Empathize with what they are saying and try not to argue with them about what they are going through.
  2. Gently redirect them to another topic by shifting their thoughts to something pleasant they can identify with in the present.

Although this may take a little practice, once you understand the process it will make dealing with dementia-related episodes much easier and less frustrating. Above all else, don’t give up! If you ever need assistance or someone to talk to please feel free to speak with one of our administrators at a facility near you. For detailed location information, please visit and click on the Locations tab.

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