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Assisted Living Facilities Are Not One In The Same

Many clients come up to us wondering what sets us apart. What allows us to provide better care than other assisted living, and memory care facilities that are out there. While there are varying answers to this question, a few core competencies can be distilled, but don’t take our word for it. Take a moment and listen to what Margo Guffey has to say about how our services changed the life of her mother, Ruth Harris… Creating “Home-ier”, Safer Care With A Dose Of Love When Ruth Harris first began experiencing the onset of dementia, Margo knew she needed more
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10 Tips For Caregivers Of Dementia Patients

Caregivers of dementia patients have an extraordinarily difficult task. Make sure you take care of yourself when take care of others.   While many people work in the assisted living field, there are about 4,150,000 people who take care of family members without being paid. The 4,150,000 figure is based on this estimate by The New York Times that 5 million Americans have dementia and this estimate by the Stanford Medicine News Center that 83 percent of dementia patients’ caregivers are unpaid family members. The other caregivers are dedicated professionals who sometimes work in patients’ homes and sometimes work in assisted living, senior living, and memory care
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Sundowning – The Effects of Sundown on Dementia Patients and How to Cope 

Sundowning and Its Causes  Sundowning, sundown syndrome and late day agitation are all names for a regular change in behavior that affects between 20% and 45% of dementia patients. Often starting in late afternoon, the symptoms of agitation, confusion and restlessness worsen as the evening progresses. For senior care caregivers and family members who are also tired after a long day, coping with the stress of sundowning can seem overwhelming. Though medical science does not yet offer a complete explanations for this complex syndrome, it helps to be aware of the signs and understand the triggers. Various forms of dementia
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