Assisted Living Facilities Are Not One In The Same

Many clients come up to us wondering what sets us apart. What allows us to provide better care than other assisted living, and memory care facilities that are out there. While there are varying answers to this question, a few core competencies can be distilled, but don’t take our word for it.

Take a moment and listen to what Margo Guffey has to say about how our services changed the life of her mother, Ruth Harris…

Creating “Home-ier”, Safer Care With A Dose Of Love

When Ruth Harris first began experiencing the onset of dementia, Margo knew she needed more care than she could personally provide. She wanted the very best for her mother, but before Ruth and Margo ever reached the doorstep of Ashley Manor, they found themselves at two much larger and clinical residences.

Margo goes on to say,

“I had her at two other places before Ashley Manor and this is just “home-ier” and safer…I moved her into a bigger place that had 80 residents and she was having trouble finding her way to the dining room and just getting lost a little bit.”

The idea of home seems simple at first, but creating an environment that sooths the mindset of a resident with dementia takes more than just a clinical provision of care. It takes a personal touch that needs be consistent every day with every staff member.

Margo continues,

“Since I moved her to here, she is very comfortable…The dementia has slowed down a little bit and they keep me informed. They hug her and love her – just like I do.”

Margo’s description perfectly summarizes the type of facility to look for. One that can create a family away from home. One that can create a home.

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