Memory and Age: Is this Dementia?

We all tend to forget things from time to time. For example, we set our keys down on a table and 10 minutes later, we’re scrambling to find them. It happens to everyone, even to people in their twenties.

Forgetfulness is actually more common in elderly people, however, there may be a time where someone isn’t just being forgetful. People have a hard time distinguishing the differences between forgetting things with age and dementia.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is more than a severe case of memory loss. Dementia is a progressive neurological disease with a specific set of symptoms that are linked to memory loss as well as basic thinking skills.

These symptoms can be so severe to the point that the person suffering from dementia is unable to perform basic tasks. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dementia?

Aside from memory loss, dementia has a number of symptoms. These symptoms include problems with communication, trouble speaking, an impaired attention span, flawed judgment and visually perceives things the wrong way.

Someone suffering from dementia may also start to exhibit behavior that’s out of the norm for them. They may also have trouble performing routine tasks of daily living

For instance, people struggling from dementia may have trouble paying their bills and even making food. The difference between people who are forgetful and those with dementia is that those who are forgetful have the ability to relearn and remember things. The symptoms and signs will start off extremely mild, but will continue to worsen as time goes on.

Causes of Dementia?

Any type of damage to the brain cells can cause dementia. If the brain cells are damaged in any way, it can interfere with their ability to communicate with one another. When this occurs, a person’s feelings, behavior and way of thinking can be impacted. Unfortunately, dementia is an incurable ailment and will worsen as time goes on.

However, the memory problems that occur might be able to improve if associated with one of the below factors:

– Side effects from various medications
– Issues with the thyroid
– Alcoholism
– Depression
– Various vitamin deficiencies

If you suspect or have someone who is suffering from dementia, don’t hesitate to get help. At Ashley Manor, we seek to help those suffering from any type of memory loss. Call us at 1-888-376-7298 to take a tour or to learn more information today.

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