The 5 Best Foods to Boost Memory

As we get older, we might start to forget things. If you are dealing with dementia, you may find it nearly impossible to remember even the simplest of details. Fortunately, there are some food that you can consume to boost your memory.

1. Fish

Certain types of fish can boost your memory. Trout, salmon and sardines are all good options. They contain fatty acids called omega-3. These acids have been known to increase memory function. They can help slow mental decline as well.

2. Eggs

This food is full of nutrients that can help you with your memory. These nutrients include choline, folate and B vitamins. Just by eating two eggs a day, you can help keep your memory strong.

3. Coffee

Many of us enjoy a cup or two of coffee every day. Not only can it help wake you up but it can improve your memory as well. The caffeine in your cup of coffee can help you remain alert and improve concentration. Drinking coffee on a regular basis can also help you lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

4. Dark Chocolate

By eating dark chocolate, you can boost your memory and satisfy your sweet tooth all at the same time. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids. Both of which can have a positive impact on your memory and slow down mental decline in the elderly.

5. Blueberries

It’s important that all of us consume enough fruits and vegetables each day. Not only are blueberries healthy, but they can also help improve your memory. They deliver plant compounds called anthocyanins. The compounds can be crucial for those that are battling neurodegenerative diseases. Anthocyanins can delay certain types of memory loss and actually improve the memory over-all.

In conclusion, there are a lot of different foods that you can eat to improve your memory. By just incorporate a few of the foods mentioned above in your diet each day, you can improve your memory in the long-run. Even if you are dealing with dementia, you may be able to boost your memory by eating the right foods.


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